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Model AC-7 double-seated glider, designed to education and initial training of glider pilots. Crew location-cross.

Equipped with a two-point retractable landing gear and emergency system.




Aircraft performance AC-7

Wing area

13.5 sc.m.

145.3 sc.f

Wing aspect ratio


Tare weight

480 kg

1058 lbs

Range operating overload


Wing loading with flight weight 210 кг 

33.5 kg/sc.m.

6.89 lbs/sc.f.

Breaking tension on a tow

500 кг.

1120 lbs


Main dimensions


185 m

59 f

Length of a plane

7.1 m

23.07 f

Height of a plane

1.65 m

5.36 f


Speed measures in a gliding flight

Flight weight

480 kg



Stall speed

- [km/h]

- [miles/h]

- [knots]






Minimum descent altitude

- [m/sec]

- [f/min]

at a speed of

- [km/h]

- [miles/h]

- [knots]









Maximum speed of aerodynamic quality

- [km/h]

- [miles/h]

- [knots]

Sink rate

- [m/sec]

- [f/min]











Restrictions and the basic modes of flight

The maximum aerodynamic quality Кmax (relative range of planning L/H) and value of speeds of the basic modes of flight:



Max. additional speed (Vne)

Max. add. maneuver speed (Va)

220 km/hour (119 knots)

159 km/hour (99 miles/hours, 86 knots)

Corkscrew and figures of difficult pilotage

Deliberate performance of a corkscrew, flights on performance of figures of difficult pilotage are forbidden until the special permission of the Manufacturer

Speed of prelanding planning under normal weather conditions, not less   

120 km/hour (74 miles/hours, 66 knots)


The trapezoid wing of the big lengthening (23,7) has laminar profile FX60-157 with high value of the maximum carrying power. Specific loading of the wing is in limited of about 33.5 kg/sq.m. depending on weight of useful loading. The glider possesses higly maneuvor properties: time of a rerun for spirals–45 degrees in 45 degrees makes of a list no more than 3.5 seconds. The sinuosity of a surface of a wing along a profile makes 0,1 mm (under the American standard) that corresponds to the higher range of quality of a surface under the American standard. Consoles are covered with weight incorporate in the center one adjusting finger having on the end the eccentric for tightening of consoles at joining. Automatic connection of control systems by elerons and air brakes are realized thanks to system of cross-section drafts with funneled edge-lines, incorporating to spherical tips of onboard swings.


Glider AC-7 is equipped by a withdrawable basic wheel of chamber type. The cylinder of a wheel in diameter of 400 mm on an external contour of a tire cover in a combination to a pneumo-hydraulic suspension bracket reliably works on absorption of shock loadings; the tail wheel in diameter of 220 mm stabilizes rectilinear movement on run. In a design of the basic wheel ball bearings, and as a brake are built in. The brake disk with a hydraulic actuator, copes the lever of bicycle type established on the handle of management.


The spacious cabin of a glider allows to take place conveniently, cross-section, to two broad-shouldered pilots growth 180 - 190 sm, thus remain enough empty seat in the space of a head and high knees of legs; the pilot cabin is equipped with pedals of a wheel of a direction regulated on length a soft and convenient back of sitting. The cabin lantern, gives to both pilots the full review outside spaces within corners not less than 300 degrees: "at the left-upwards-to the right". The lantern opens upwards round a lobby ball-type suspension brackets. Emergency dump of a lantern can be executed by moving of two red handles conveniently located on both boards of the bottom contours of a lantern. The compact control panel has enough free space for placing of the standard complete set of pilot-navigating devices, plus possibility of a custom-made configuration, including an additional variometer or other devices. The standard 4 dot fastened system is applied. VHF aerial is placed in keel.