Sport solo AC-4 is comfortable, compact, and multipurpose sailplane. 

The design is simple and the construction is easy and convenient. The glider is easily controlled, has excellent pilot characteristics, compact and affordable.


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Motorglider AC-5M



Solo motorglider AC-5m has retractable propeller engine that ensures independent take off as well as an opportunity to continue the flight regardless AC -5 is equipped with MZ 35P engine, Compact Radial Engine, Ltd., with the engine powwer of 25 hp.


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Solo AC-5К



"АС-5К" - the single glider-paritel equipped with withdrawable and letting out in flight screw-engineinstal lation, providing independent launch, and as if necessary flight continuation in a motor mode in the absence of ascending streams. A fuselage of type "monocook" and as all steering aerodynamic surfaces are made of fiber glass fabric, polyfoam and epoxide pitches. The cabin has the raised safety factor, is equipped regulated, in conformity with growth of the pilot, pedals and a moved back of sitting. The glider wing is executed from the facilitated multilayered composite, on modern technology in precision matrixes with use of curing in vacuum. The wing has scope of 12,6 m and is executed from 2 demountable parts (the left and right consoles) which can be removed for transportation or storage. On the wing ends winglets are located. On the top part of a wing air brakes (inceptors) the sliding design, executed under the scheme "Schempp-Hirth" are placed. The Control system of flight consists of usual management on three axes and managements interceptors, made for management of a trajectory and speed. The wing is equipped by flaps. An elevator, elerons and inceptors cope with the help of metal pipes. Drafts of management by elerons, intercepters and flaps will be automatically connected in an installation time of wings. A metal cable is used for management of a direction wheel. Chassis are equipped with pnevmo-gidroammortizators. The glider "АС-5К" is designed according to the norms which are meeting the requirements of standard JAR-22.
At flight with the engine the screw is coming from a fuselage, but thus the engine remains inside a fuselage. It is the basic difference from glider АС-5М. 
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Solo AC-6



Solo of 15 meters class is intended for training and competitions.

High-fineness tapered wing has laminated profile FX60-157 with high value of accessional force. The outer wing is connected with one butt joint in the middle that has an eccentric at the end for gathering during assembling.


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Планер двухместный AC-7



Model AC-7 double-seated glider, designed to education and initial training of glider pilots. Crew location-cross.

Equipped with a two-point retractable landing gear and emergency system.


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Motorglider AC-7М



АС-7m is a double-seated motoglider equipped with retractable propeller engine. The pilots are seated side by side.


Engine compartment is located in the middle of the hull. It contains propeller engine. The motoglider is equipped with F30A25A engine, Gobler-Hirthmotoren KG.
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Motoglider AC-7К



Model AC-7k is a double-seated motorglider, equipped with retractable propeller. Crew location - cross. The glider is designed for initial and regular training flights. It is equipped with a three-point retractable landing gear and emergency system.

AC-7k  is equipped with Rotax ® 912 UL DCDI engine with engine power of 100 hp. It has an ability to tow a solo glider.


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