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The enterprise for designing and manufacturing of gliders and motor-gliders has arisen in 1970 as a public organization. In 1993 this organization was transformed in «Cooperative AS», Open Company "АS-4", and further into Open Company "Aviabuilder".  
The chief designer of the project, Vladimir Egorovich Fedorov, 1937 year of birth, graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute, Candidate of Technical Science, the winner of the State Award. More than 30 years he has been working at the enterprises of the Aviation industry. Meanwhile since 1970 he has been leading a public creative team on designing and manufacturing of sport experimental gliders and motor-gliders. As the pilot-glider he has had a training flight preparation in the 2nd Moscow aeroclub (DOSAAF).


Motor-glider "Istra".
 It is designed in 1970, construction is finished in 1974. Wingspread - 15м, two withdrawable motorcycle engines. Material - fibreglass. "Istra" has given the chance to carry out independent flights and within 10 years it has pleased the big group of glider pilots.
Double fiberglass motor-glider "Baikal" with a wingspread 18м.
Two withdrawable self-made engines on the basis of "Whirlwinds".(Вихри) For one summer season about thirty test flights on a motor-glider have been executed. Unfortunately, because of the difficulties connected with engines the flights have been suspended. Now the device is in Tambov.

Three easy fiberglass gliders "Dream" (wingspread 13.5м, weight of an empty glider - 145 kg) are constructed.
 One of them now flies somewhere in America. The other two - in Moscow. 
World Class (Competition for the choice of a glider "the World Class")

Let's tell at once: “Dream” hasn’t got the victory, it has got only the 2nd place. The Polish glider PW-5 has won the victory and for 15 years, since 1993г., it has been, as well as it has been planned, a unique glider of new class FAI: "World Class". But there was a unique possibility to show the gliders. And what a surprising prospective was opened: these gliders can be in demand in the West. And the most encouraging - public statements of "bisons" of gliding about a glider Russia-2, as about a possible winner of competition.
Competition has been declared in 1990. The Purpose - creation of a new class with a glider of one type. The glider should be popular: easy, cheap, with quality not less than 30 (the same as our "Dream", it might be slightly rebuilt). Now, in the course of more than 20th years it is possible to tell that the purpose has not been reached. The new class has been made, competitions are held, but a mass demand for a glider hasn't arisen.
On the 1st round 44 applications from 22 countries have been presented. By results of competition of applications to the 2nd round 11 participants have been admitted. September 1992, Orlinghauzen, Germany. 7 gliders are presented to competition and for participation in land and flight tests of. By results of land and flight tests three prototypes have been named which characteristics in the best way corresponded to requirements of glider committee FAI: PW-5, Velino and Russia-2. At the final stage the international jury named the winner,it was the Polish glider PW-5. And in the meantime the Americans participating in competition offered themselves as dealers in sale of gliders model "Russia-2" in America. This way everything began…

Serial production
By the year 2002, 100 gliders, motor-gliders and their sets are made and almost sold. Nearly all of them in America. Two prototypes: a glider and a motor-glider in Russia. About 10 gliders in Englan, 2 - in Canada. Per one - in Greece, Holland and New Zealand.
Crisis of 2002
In 2002 there was a change in the legislation of Russia and as a result a serial production of gliders became unprofitable. The demands which are used for manufacturing of the main planes have been completely transferred into manufacturing of gliders and other technics AON (АОН). So it was decided to stop a serial production in Russia, and to develop a double motor-glider АС-7М instead, and to take out the manufacturing from Russian territory.
2002-2005 г.
3 samples of double motor-glider АС-7М were designed and made.
1970, "Istra" — the beginning of designing of a 1-seat, 2 motors experimental motor-gliders with a wingspread of 15 meters; 
1974, "Istra" — the first flight; 
1986, "Baikal" — a double motor-glider with a wingsread of 18 meters;
1989, "Mechta-1" — 13,3 m a sports single glider; 
1991, "Mechta-2" — 13,3 m a sports single glider; 
1992, "Russia-1" — 11 m a sports single glider of an ultra-easy class;
1992, "Russia-2" — 12,6 m an experimental sports glider of the "World" class which has received the 2nd place at international competition FAI (ФАИ)
1993, "Russia" AC-4, the serial sample, taking into account recommendations of the international glider commission OSTIV. 
1996, "Russia" AC-4b — a glider equipped with a nasal wheel. 
1997, "Russia" AC-4c the first serial sample with the withdrawable chassis.
1998, "Russia" AC-4c it became the main construction in design of the series АС-4.
1999, March — motor-glider AC-4m debuted at the international exhibition in Knoxville and became a prototype of AC-5m which flight tests began in December. 
2000, AC-5m — a serial production began.
2001, the beginning of working out of double glider АС-72003, АС-5МР – the prototype of the easy plane on the basis of a glider is developed by request of scientific research institute the EXPERT, Moscow. 
2002-2003, designing and manufacturing of experimental plane AS-5MR by request of Aviation systems (Moscow). 
2002-2005, designing and manufacturing of a pre-production model of double motor-glider АС-7М. 
2005, carrying out of flight tests of pre-production model АС-7М. №1 
2005, designing and manufacturing of a pre-production model of double motor-glider АС-7М. №2 by request of the governor of the Penza region.
2006, designing and manufacturing of a pre-production model of double motor-glider АС-7М. №3.
2007, the beginning of carrying out of flight tests of pre-production model АС-7М. №2.
2009, glider and motor-glider AC-8 Designing.