With a purchase of any glider you will get a parachuterescue system as a gift!

With a purchase of any motor-glider, you will get a free training certificate.


GliderAirCraft, Ltd. offers following products and services:


Glider sales – GliderAirCraft, Ltd. is the only company in Russia that builds and sells gliders. We offer a wide variety of glider and motorglider models offered in different flight classes.

Our partners’ products – We are the only official representative in Russia for the following companies:

- Winter – A German Companythat produces best high quality flight-navigation instruments in Europe.

- Cobra – Cobra produces world’s best trailers for aviation and other non-standard vehicles and equipment.

- SOFTIE – An American-based Companythat produces safety parachutes. The company offers a great variety of safety parachutes for both military and civil use. Some of the characteristics, that differ SOFTIE products from others in the market, are lightness, small size, and modern materials.

Services – Our experience to your service. We have experienced and highly-trained specialists who will come to any location in the world for technical support.

Training – Everyone can do it! Learning to fly your glider is much easier than you think. Our best instructors will easily teach you the art of gliding or help to refresh your existing skills.

Free* first flight – During the first flight you will get the full flight experience and be a captain of the aircraft. Under the instructor’s supervision you will be able to perform horizontal flight, turns, ascents and descents. You will get an unforgettable experience while flying the aircraft.

Sightseeing flight – Only a glider will allow you to realize the beauty of free-flight and to admire the beauty of our country’s landscape. You will also have a chance to control the glider yourself.

* An introductory flight is free when you purchase any of our gliders.